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We Have Light

This week saw another milestone in the Clubs progress to return home when the floodlights were switched on and tested for the first time.

As you can see from the pictures below things are looking bright as our return to Middlesex gets ever closer.


Further Update

Works continue on the ground as the new season approaches – we expect to have an update shortly on whether progress is sufficient to satisfy the relevant authorities and allow us to start the season at the new ground or whether there will need to be a short time continuing our ground share at Maidenhead.

The fixtures already issued to the National League South have Maidenhead starting the season at home, and then two away games (Tuesday/Saturday), so inevitably, our first game of the new season will be away, with home games on the Tuesday and Saturday, whether or not we will be at our new stadium.
The entrance gates are now installed, alongside the new turnstiles – they just await painting in to our colours. Inside, painting continues and the internal carpentry continues as well.
We have to disappointingly report that some of the academy portacabins were broken in to this week, and vandalised, which has left a very sour taste around the ground – the club are working with the local police to try to identify the perpetrators of this mindless violence which has not been helpful to our aim of getting back as quickly as possible.


More Progression

Another week of progress has seen the electrical feed finally get connected. The next stage is to continue with the demolition of the former Warren Suite, and then switch from the old feed to the new feed. The first of the two toilet blocks has been moved from the car park to behind the goal at the ‘Academy End’ of the ground. A second toilet block is required for the grading requirements, and this will be behind the goal at the ‘Beaconsfield Road end’ of the ground.

The hard standing is now completely round the pitch, with the pitchside fence in front of the main stand being moved about 1 metre towards the pitch to provide additional clearance and circulating space in front of the stands now that the stairs are in place. The pitch has also been fed and watered, and is looking in excellent condition as the countdown to the first game approaches.

The former Supporters’ Club huts are being prepared for movement, along with the former gym block, which will allow further access to the demolition site of the Warren Suite.


A further Homecoming update

Further progress has been made this week, with work continuing around the stadium. One area of note is that the standing areas around the ground, on the three sides not benefitting from the main seating area, are being completed. Also, the walkways in front of the main stand are also being finished.

As can be seen from the pictures below, everything is moving in the right direction towards us getting back home very soon!







Homecoming Looking Ever Closer

As promised, here is a full update on the works that have been progressing around the ground as it is prepared for the upcoming season, and a return home for the first time for five years. There is still a lot of work to be completed, but great progress has been made over recent weeks and months.

• The new mains feed, which has resulted in a large trench being dug from the main road, has been slightly delayed, but we still anticipate that this will be completed this week. This will then result in the car park being returned to its previous condition.

• A lot of the internal cabling has now been completed, including electrics, data and the feed for the fire alarms. The next stage is the installation of all of the sockets, light switches, data sockets and fire alarm points.

• Internal lighting is on the verge of being installed.

• A large internal circuit board is being installed in the main foyer area, which is large enough to carry the power supply for the whole finished building.

• The plumbing work for the academy area is complete, and installation of the new heating system has commenced. Next up is the hot and cold feeds to the changing rooms and toilets.

• Quotes have been received for the tiling of the changing rooms, showers and canteen area.

• The floodlights have, for the first time since installation, been electrically tested, and zoned correctly so that the light is directed at the correct parts of the pitch. Once the electrical feed is completed, the final installation can be completed, and they can be turned on for the very first time.

• Ducting work and Air Conditioning is now completed for the academy section, which is now awaiting the new water and electric feed.

• The whole ground floor has now had its first coat of paint – this includes the supporters’ bar area.

• The final parts of the perimeter fence are now close to completion – the last part of this is the emergency exit gates at each end of the pitch, and the final sections.

• The pitch side fence and drainage is now complete.

• Walkways around the pitch are now being levelled and re-stoned, in readiness for a layer of tarmac.

• All six staircases in to the main stand are now in place, and are now awaiting the installation of the handrails.

• The pitch is getting its first treatment of the summer, with a feed and water to prepare it for its first proper use.

• The body of the two sets of turnstiles, one at each end of the ground, are built – the roof sections are in production, and will be installed this month.

• The external doors for the main building are all produced, and are ready for fitment.

• The entrance foyer is going to be altered from the original design. Originally, a large glass entrance was envisaged, but this is being revised to include a canopy and sliding doors. This aspect may not be in place for the beginning of the season, and once the building is enclosed and secure, the existing Warren Suite will be demolished.

As the new season approaches, regular updates will continue.


To view the Groundwork detail under the old regime up to 2014 click here


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