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Hayes & Yeading United Football Club

Ground Works

Re-building – A stadium; a club, a community

With the disappointment of Saturday’s defeat and relegation still firmly in everybody’s minds, Monday morning
saw the latest steps in the re-building of Hayes & Yeading United FC in more ways than one.

Work on the internal brickwork has begun, as the internal layout begins to take shape inside the hulk of the new
stand. First up, will be works to complete the construction of the new changing rooms that will play an essential
part in the future success of Hayes & Yeading United Football Club.


Whilst much work remains to be done in line with resources, the sheer size of the project and impressive stature of
the stadium complex is clear when up close to it. The project however is much beyond just a new stand.

Already the club has enjoyed full use of the 3G pitch, that is amongst the best in the country and has been used and
praised by clubs from every tier of the pyramid from the Premiership down to Step 7 of non-league. The facilities
have also featured in TV documentaries and hopefully are soon to also feature in a new range of film and TV
projects. All this is part of the re-development and a major investment in the future of the club.

With the great reputation of the 3G surface, the main pitch has some major competition, but again time and
investment in the surface means the future footballing plans of the club have a great tool from which to play out.
The pitch has now had several growth seasons to bed in and mature, creating a strong turf on a very flat surface.
An underground sprinkler system, served by the club’s own permanent bore-hole and co-ordinated by a
state-of-the-art computerised control centre, puts the facilities on par with those of professional clubs in many
leagues higher up in the pyramid and a pitch everybody is itching to play competitive football on.

The key to the future success of Hayes & Yeading United FC is creating sustainability across a wide-range of revenue
streams. The new stand will incorporate, not only footballing essentials such as changing rooms, first-aid facilities
and administration office but also club shops, a supporter’s bar and on the upper floor hospitality rooms, catering
facilities and a multi-purpose function room to serve the massive demand for such space in the local community.

The aim is of course to complete the works to sufficient ground-grading as quickly as possible to see our full return
to the Borough, but this still must be seen as a work in progress and a long-term project to completion based on
resources available. Even when we do return, there will still be ongoing works to finalise various parts of the ground
and hopefully an ever-continuing investment into improving our facilities. The key again is to complete sections of
the ground in a timely manner – as we have with the 3G pitch – that provide revenue for the club to operate and
progress to the next stage of the project without putting the long-term future of the club in jeopardy.

As parts of the project reach completion, we will also be able to integrate further plans for greater community
involvement, increased supporter interaction and just making our football club a great place to be.



Works at The Sharda Glass Community Stadium continue to move along with much of the recent work
taking place within the shell of the main building out of sight but of great importance. The internal
brickwork is really taking shape now with the internal room layouts now present, along with the completion
of the initial concrete flooring and it is now beginning to better resemble what will be a busy working
football and community facility.

The rooms that will provide the toilets at the Beaconsfield Road end of the stand on the lower ground
are now ready for their final decoration and furniture fitting.

Meanwhile, on the external side of things, the framework to which the upper cladding will be attached is now
in place ready for the arrival of the cladding material this week, the attaching of which will obviously make a
considerable difference to the look and feel of the stadium.

Away from the main building, the pitch is looking very green for this time of year, helped by the state of art
sprinkler system installed as one of the very first phases of the development.



The Sharda Glass Community Stadium now has a roof! After a frustrating wait while last week’s high
winds blew away, work got underway to cover the building and stand at the stadium and within just
a couple of days, the whole process was complete.

And just in time. With some horrific rain on Tuesday, those working on the interior of the building
were kept dry by the new roof and this work can now really gather apace.













The brickwork is almost complete as our new stadium continues to take shape at Beaconsfield Road.

With a challenging but achievable July deadline to start next season at the Sharda Glass Community
Stadium, everyone at the club has been pleased with the speedy progress made recently. Once the
brickwork is finished, the cladding and roofing will be applied, changing the aspect of the stadium
dramatically. We anticipate this to start by the end of next week.













It's been a very busy week down at The Sharda Glass Community Stadium. The 4G pitch has been in almost
constant use with hundreds of future footballers in action during a host of Easter holiday courses and several
other teams looking to get in some training sessions ahead of the season close.

In building terms, the brickwork has advanced in many areas of the main stand with the pump room close to
completion meaning the construction is beginning to take a much more building-like shape. It has been a busy
week of deliveries too as materials, machinery and tools arrive to move the construction onto the next phase.



The building works at The Sharda Glass Community Stadium are gathering apace as Hayes & Yeading United FC bid
to create a legacy that the local community can be proud of and also ensure the club can be self-sufficient for
years to come. This includes training facilities to rival many professional clubs introduced in the first phase of the
build to ensure much needed revenue streams in recent months. However, to fully benefit from this and to rekindle
our status at the heart of the community, the club are keen to be playing football in The Sharda Glass Community
Stadium this summer. With that in mind, certain building matters are being prioritised to facilitate a ground at which
competitive matches can be played.

The frame of the main stand is now complete with a number of less visible but vital works having been undertaken
in recent months, including the installation of a new drainage system and computer control panels which will operate
the electronics behind this. More recently, the concrete casts for the first floor were set in place and with this now
complete, the ground floor cast will be following shortly, giving the stand significant shape and presence.

Other tasks underway include considerable brickwork, which once finished will ensure the facade will change quite
rapidly. Cladding will next be put in place, along with glass panelling. That’s when the interior tasks can begin. In the
meantime, further work on the other three sides of the ground will shortly re-commence including the completion of
terracing that will surround the pitch, with plans also in place for additional standing sheltered areas .

There is still a long way to go before we have a completed stadium but while this is a long-term, complete
re-development of the former site, the priority now is to ensure that our teams can be playing football in their own
home within a matter of months. Therefore, tasks have been identified to ensure that the ground will be in a position
to conform to ground grading regulations in July, whilst the full completion of the stadium will be an on-going project.

The priority of the club is to get back playing within its own community. With regulations governing grant
applications, etc the project may look incomplete for a while but playing within our own environment, even if in a
state of incompleteness, is preferable to using the contingency ground share agreements that we have in place for
any longer than we have to. The club will then develop the rest of the ground as planned whilst the teams play
their matches there.

We appreciate that this may require a bit more patience from our fans, but our view has always been long term, and
to be undertaking such an ambitious project during such an economic climate has presented many challenges along
the way. However once the club are back amongst our own community, the potential that that creates is far beyond
what was possible for either Hayes FC or Yeading FC with this project built for long-term sustainability of our football club.

Once complete, the main stand will provide a stunning view to watch football from, elevated from pitch level,
unrestricted by beams and set very close to the action. There will be nine rows of seating, incorporating 1200 seats.
Terracing will surround the rest of the ground with shelter available for those who don’t wish to sit. The building
behind the stand is vast. Inside there will be two function rooms, additional meeting rooms, offices, two sports bars,
a boardroom and a media suite. Two sets of changing rooms will be installed, one set for use for the main pitch and
the other for the 4G training pitch. There will also be an education suite fully equipped with ICT units and room for
two club shops, one chiefly for sporting memorabilia and the other for club merchandise. The main foyer will be
in a central location and will house a lift for access to the top floor, with a goods lift servicing the facilities behind
the scenes.

Whilst all appreciate that the patience of our fans has been fully tested - being bound by confidentiality agreements
and having to play at a ground distant from our town – this project will see a complete re-development of the former
site into a first-class sporting and community facility. Providing this level of facility has come with many pitfalls,
some of which were unforeseen, but now we are close to achieving what we set out to do with the formation of the
club. We would like all of our fans to take the opportunity of “being there” from the beginning of an exciting new era
for Hayes & Yeading United FC.

Photo below shows the unobstructed view that will be available from the
main stand at The Sharda Glass Community Stadium. Above top is the view from the soon to be
media room and the picture immediately above shows how far along the sideline the new stand
runs, virtually the full length of the pitch. Photos courtesy of Tim Fuell.














With much rumour and scaremongering being posted online and disappointingly published in newsprint, the club
would like to re-assure all fans and interested parties that Hayes and Yeading United are well aware of the rules
and regulations regarding ground regulations and their requirements for membership of the league and are working
in line with pre-published dates for compliance having been in active dialogue with relevant parties throughout the season.

At the current time, the club are confident of being able to, not only commence season 2013/14 at the Sharda
Glass Community Stadium in Beaconsfield Road, but to also to host a comprehensive programme of pre-season events.
Much progress has been made recently in respect of off the field red-tape and the final phase of building is already

However, the club is aware of league membership rules necessitating the need for firm arrangements to have a ground
to suitable grading standards by 31st March for the season ahead. All at the club appreciate that that is fast
approaching and that the new ground will not have time to be assessed in time for that ground-grading date. However,
the club have always been aware of this and always sought to comply with League rules and ensure all potential
scenarios were covered. In the absence of our own ground grading, alternative arrangements are already in place,
to ensure a suitable groundshare situation is available and technically active to comply with league rules.
Full details have already been lodged with the League well in advance of the deadline date and we awaiting
ratification of the same.

This agreement will ensure Hayes and Yeading United Football Club will continue to be eligible for League membership
next season, but the club also has every intention and desire of achieving a ground grading at the Sharda Glass
Community Stadium ahead of the new season, to begin the season back in our own home.



For those of you that didn't see the recent programme article, progress continues to be made with the
roof section for the main stand as shown in Ron Gilbey's photos (above and below), taken on
11th September.














For those of you that didn't see the recent programme article, progress continues to be made with the concrete
arriving and starting to be put into place for the main stand as shown in Ron Gilbey's photos (above and below),
taken on 23rd August.














Progress with the ground can be seen above and below in Ron Gilbey's photo's taken at Beaconsfield Road this

The view below gives a shot across the pitch which demonstrates how large the building is going to be compared
with the previous clubhouse that is due for demolition in the coming weeks














Work has today commenced on the construction of the new main stand at Beaconsfield Road with the front steels
being erected. The plan is for the outer shell to get to the stage where the old buildings can be demolished from
within and the internal build will then start to take shape.

Work should now be continuing at pace and with every day that passes our return home to Middlesex draws ever


I can confirm that Hayes & Yeading United are awaiting a decision from the Grants Commission on assisted funding
for the build of our new ground at Beaconsfield Road, the Club are hoping this decision will be known in the very
near future and we will then be able to give much more detail on what will be forthcoming at the new ground. In
the meantime, and we apologise to all United supporters for this, Hayes & Yeading have signed a new groundshare
deal with Woking FC to start next season again playing at Kingfield. I am told by the powers that be that United
will be playing Conference football at Beaconsfield Road before or during, October 2012.

The Club are fully aware that this information should have been imparted through official channels months ago and
again sincere apologies are offered for this. I would add that an awful lot of work behind the scenes has been
going on as we attempt to give supporters a new Stadium that they can be proud to call home, although all will
admit that this is no reason for the total lack of official communication.

Once the Club have more detailed information that can be unveiled, I know it is General Manager Derrick Matthews'
intention to arrange a fans forum to pass on as much information as possible, I will keep you updated on this.

In addition for next season, I can confirm that Hayes & Yeading will be rejoining the Capital League with a reserve
side and that our under 18s are again likely to start the season playing their games at AFC Hayes' Farm Park
ground. (25/03/12)


As you will see
from Ron Gilbey's camera lens today, United's new floodlight heads have been installed at
Beaconsfield Road
as progress continues to be made towards what will be our new home ground. (15/02/12)


As you will see the next stage of the project is ongoing as state of the art floodlights are now being put in place at
Beaconsfield Road, a further update will be provided shortly.


Demolition works at Beaconsfield Road have commenced in earnest as can be seen in the above picture taken yesterday by Ron Gilbey. The pile of rubble being what used to be the main seated area of the ground. (18/11/11)


The new pitch at Beaconsfield Road is benefitting from the in built sprinkler system and recent rain as it takes on a very green look. (29/06/11)


Works continue at Beaconsfield Road as shown in Alan Radfords photo's taken yesterday.
The floodlights for the 3G pitch above have been erected and its going very well on the main pitch below showing the internal sprinklers "at play" and the grass starting to flourish. (23/06/11)


Works continue at Beaconsfield Road as shown in Ron Gilbeys photo's taken earlier today.
The 3G pitch laying above is going very well and the main pitch below has now been fully sanded. (08/06/11)


Works continue at Beaconsfield Road as shown in Ron Gilbeys photo's from earlier this week. Most of the work on the pitch is currently being done below the surface, drainage has been installed as pictured above and below sees the installation of fencing around the 3G pitch.

Hayes & Yeading United Football Club can confirm that this season will be the last at Church Road. Whilst we can very much sympathise with supporters who hold many fond memories of attending matches at the stadium, this is the realisation of the club’s ambition to expand its operations both on the pitch and throughout the week as a vehicle for community use.

Because Church Road is such a special place, we fully intend to give it a proper send off and although the last competitive match involving Hayes & Yeading United FC there is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 19th April (against Gateshead), plans are at an advanced stage to host different commemorative events during May, including a charity match between Terry Brown’s Hayes All Stars XI and Gordon Bartlett’s Yeading All Stars XI on Sunday 15th May, the final match to be played on the pitch. In addition, we plan to host a farewell evening to the clubhouse on a date to be confirmed in May. Do keep in touch at for any further news about these events.

Work to build our new stadium on the old site of Yeading FC at Beaconsfield Road is gathering good pace and it is anticipated that at some point during next season, it will be ready to move into and Hayes & Yeading United will have a vibrant, multi-purpose complex at the centre of which will be a brand new stadium built to the specifications which allow the team to achieve it’s full potential.

In the meantime, it will be necessary for the first team, the reserve team and the under 18s to play their home matches at other venues and we are already in advanced negotiations with a number of other clubs with regards to providing us with a temporary base for each of our teams while work at Beaconsfield Road is completed. The club has also taken advice from the Conference to ensure that whatever is decided meets the stadium criteria required to compete in the competition.

Hayes & Yeading United Football Club very much appreciates that in this time of transition, there may well be many fans who feel uncertain about the huge developmental changes that their club is going through and we will endeavour to answer any of these concerns as openly as we possibly can.

Nick Bell - Press Officer - Hayes & Yeading United FC (26/03/11)


As can be seen from the pictures above and below taken by Ron Gilbey a couple of days ago, work is underway on the main pitch at Beaconsfield Road.

United Press Officer Nick Bell has been speaking with Phil Spurden and has been given an overview of what is involved in the individual phases of the ground development at Beaconsfield Road.

Phase 1 - 3G Pitches
The foundations for the 3G pitch have now been laid, with the next stage the laying of the actual 3G surface. The junior pitches are now being prepared. Good progress is expected over the coming weeks.

Phase 2 - Main Pitch & Terracing
Starting imminently will be the seeding of the main pitch, and external works to the stadium. This will include preparation of the terracing around the sides of the pitch to ready the stadium for Conference football.

Phase 3 - Finalising plans for Stadium and Clubhouse
The final plans are being drawn up for the design of the main grandstand, club facilities and also the clubhouse

Phase 4 - Building
Once the final plans are agreed, building works will start almost immediately on the main Grandstand, club facilities and the clubhouse.

Extract taken from Churchroader Volume 4 Issue 20 v AFC Wimbledon.
Initial preparation for the 3G pitch

Many supporters will have noticed the recent changes to Church Road and the club is pleased to announce that work has in fact now started on both the Church Road and the Beaconsfield Road sites. This is the beginning of a brand new era for Hayes and Yeading United Football Club, one which everyone at the club greets with great anticipation.

Over the forthcoming months, we will keep you up to date with all of the exciting developments as our new ground is constructed, and we can now reveal that the first phase of constructing the 3rd generation (3G) artificial pitches that will be available for the local community’s use is under way. These will provide vital revenue streams that up until now have not been available to the club.

Whilst construction at Church Road takes place, match day parking will be limited so we recommend that you arrive early in order to get a place in the car park. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Whilst the club understands that seeing the work start at Church Road is unsettling, we believe that with the development of our new ground, we are entering an ambitious new chapter in the club’s history. (09/02/11)


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